Two poems by Emily Sklar


(portent acquaintance)

a kef in humed,
derision fumed

protruding lyr.
slurred in leer
rebelliously mere-

age spills appear,

statis defied,
a lonesome I cried
to the moon as I spied
paired eyes minded with pride
infinity brusquely denied

shame purposely tamed
name purposely famed

Rib old elbowing
some err cold
when enter as gold
lisped pule sold
her in hart’s bellowing

a sordid profligacy
a sigh tingeing

tonnere –

Apace; pestled rivulets. Foolishly, the quickening as kindled pyres, swathing intricately as a permeable quenches, a malcontent’s abrasive drought. Ricklickt or so folklore say; –  kind limbers inkles unto a sonorous soothe, une jeunesse douce.  a-capering as curling incarnations, shading morphed stretching- pulling into amaryllises. Mignon one sat visioning a boundary, introverted-lys  weeping, whetted in palates, as mordent trysts grinding may it be grincement , , , , ,

Yet he; – tamely main. Momentous as frissons embalm his sloughing his shade. As stream, ruthless coalesce, beats flounder. Iridescent thyms. Tonguing the let () err. Stark clearings probe ever more, swarthy.

Migh; –  not, muted his-ing as a dimeless period mimicries ~ away all. The liaisons evitable, yet reminiscent of a recessive mausoleum de l’auto-derision. Battling heavily, ecru vermeil. Tares trickle, slickengly unto ledges of the vines. Dripping sullingly, sotted in a murky water. A mirage fools as mignon fooled.  Abridged anastrophe. on one .

Peering from under, sitting waiting for a breath, as mignon is wont , angling just so, severing and sequestered, lonesome and granted, disappearing shade

Under, stood,

for fell, fleetingly exposed. Stooping, decadent in decay. posting or, so said.

The shimmering


beating  –

pulse into –


Emily Sklar is a recent college graduate currently experiencing life in NYC before pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing.

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