Hong Kong. travelogue by Jason Wallengren

[click on image to view in full-res]_HK_PhotoEssay_0_Intro _HK_PhotoEssay_1 _HK_PhotoEssay_2 _HK_PhotoEssay_3 _HK_PhotoEssay_4 _HK_PhotoEssay_5 _HK_PhotoEssay_6 _HK_PhotoEssay_7 _HK_PhotoEssay_8 _HK_PhotoEssay_9 _HK_PhotoEssay_10 _HK_PhotoEssay_11 _HK_PhotoEssay_12


Jason Wallengren is a self-exiled American artist who questions the geographical identity of his art by working in atypical global societal setups. He shifts his physical self from landscape to landscape which constantly alters his visions, perspectives, and eventually his memories. These altered experiences allow him to question his own interpretation of reality or the reality that is submitted to him. His constant travels between continents and nations perpetually help him to reevaluate his individuality and reinvent his own pluralistic artistic personality. Using a parallel multidisciplinary strategy, (including drawing, photography, found objects, videos and installations) allows him to keep an open-ended involuntary approach to materials and ideas. The concept of Systemic Information Exchange is at the underbelly of his practice, often using the correlation of the word and the image as a basis for scrutinizing the polarity of Collective and Individual consciousness in our globally constructed societies. He currently divides his time between Nurnberg, Germany and Connecticut, U.S.

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