Two poems by Matthew Putman

Synaptic Melody

Microscopic divisions bringing unity
In morning of strange serenity.
Bitterness sweet, same of the cold
As a warmness flows.
A reassuring spa through veins, our soul?

Cerebral efficiency with little electrical loss.
Closer to sacrifice.
100 or so degrees shouts still not registering
Through cacophonous populous buzz.

Maybe a few chords,
A Whisper at 3 AM,
An arm around the waste


Blues For Alberto

Racing thinking and too much blinking.
Feeling dripping more mind than spine.
An enduring delight in lifting,
In swinging further and faster,
With an occasion to sneak
Protected body upper cutting.

Spontaneous like the notes of an improv.
Planned like a concerto.

Never twitching while moving;
Electrons jutting around active centered atoms.
Paralyzed but dizzy. A Flu.
Strong and powerful, poignant movements
In flight with no fear.
Lazy in mind, making stronger bodies.

Neurons breaking and building in simultaneous three minutes.
Looking for inside spirit on a:
A Ring
A Hospital Bed

A punching drunk now wide awake
Observer of slow time in fast motion.
A life at 32 not dwindling for
The first rounds of this eternal bout.
Combustible, Caving, Crushing and Cursing.
Left to old time pondered simple patience.

Like the Dalai Lama in a mediation.
A squirrel scrambling and hopping from branches.
No time for nightmares,
In the moment of burning life and certain TKOS.

*          *          *

Matthew Putman is a musician, scientist, producer and author currently living in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Marine and two children. He is a Researcher at Columbia University, and the founder and CEO of the company Nanotronics Imaging. The poems included here are from his recent collection, Magnificent Chaos (2011).

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