online since 11 June 2013, frankmatter publishes concert, performance, and book reviews, poems, translations, excerpts from novels, stories, plays, graphic novels, photographs, essays, marginalia, found art, & correspondence from all over. *frankmatter is currently on hiatus, as we contemplate transitioning to a different format. Please do consider sending submissions for a new edition to be published in early 2020.

the editorial collective: Nick Benson, Robert Margolis, and Frank Matter

advisory editor: Natasha Sajé

frankmatter is especially interested in dispatches from/about places & literatures that are overlooked or lesser-known; cross-genre & genre-convention-bending work; micro and oral history; and the documentary. Submissions can be sent year-around to as attached word documents or jpegs, with a cover letter. We will do our best to get back to you within eight weeks. Translators should send the original and the translation. Writers/translators are responsible for securing all necessary permissions. We acquire first-run rights only (ninety-day exclusive) and regret that we cannot offer payment. Contributors retain copyright to their work.

To search for material on frankmatter, scroll down to find everything that’s ever been posted, or use the ‘categories’ list at the bottom, where you’ll also find a search field. Credits are tagged in the upper right margin of posts, and author bios can be found at the end of each entry. Thanks to Evan Hirsh for initial technical help in getting us set up, and grateful thanks to our generous contributors.

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