Translations of Bingxin and photos from Ningbo and Fuzhou, by Miranda Jingqiong Yang

Bingxin, the distinguished writer, poet, translator, and social activist, was born Xie Wanying on Oct.5, 1900, in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, to the family of a patriotic naval officer. During the … Continue reading

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The Valise, by Michel Lambert. Translated from the French by Paul Curtis Daw

They came by to pick up Bob around four. He lived in a three-room apartment above a pharmacy, across from the high school where they had all known each other … Continue reading

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Poem by Aldo Palazzeschi. translated from the Italian by Nicholas Benson

The Hand You all know very well what a hand is. A hand! Who among you hasn’t seen one? But you’d have no way of knowing what a hand no … Continue reading

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Two stories by Corrado Premuda, translated from the Italian by Natasha Senjanović, with illustrations by Andrea Guerzoni

Beauty after the Beast Once upon a time there was a distinguished salon of noblewomen who to pass the time in a pleasing and creative manner invented stories and tales … Continue reading

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Three poems by Mario Luzi, translated by Nicholas Benson

First Night of Spring Something dies, something is born the moment a rumble of thunder splits open the upper reaches of night, sudden announcement of spring, rupturing sleep… Generations on … Continue reading

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Four poems by Luca Visentini, translated from the Italian by Natasha Senjanović

The Queen From the wreckage of the last war an ancient queen appeared before me wrapped in her fragrant shawl an infant magician in hand The queen slid through the … Continue reading

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The Boxer. poem by Gabriele Tinti, translated by David Graham

The boxer I have to go again even though  I’ve just come back even if  I’m covered in blood blood all over me everywhere that no one bothers  to wipe … Continue reading

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Our Spider Lives (2011). story by J.M.G. Le Clézio. translation by Patricia Frederick

Right here, down by the ground, where the wind gathers up tiny clouds of dust. Here is where we live, without making any noise, barely even moving, hardly doing a … Continue reading

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Sandpaper Liquids. story by Edgar Illas. translation from the Catalan by J.M. Sobrer

Pour me another, please, before closing, and I’ll be leaving. I’ll pay tomorrow, I promise. I know what you’re thinking, that I’m always saying this, and you don’t believe me. … Continue reading

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The Truth in the Mirror. story by Paolo Lagazzi. translation by NB

The moment he realized he was trapped in the elevator, Luis started banging his hands and feet against the steel door. Maybe someone would hear him; and in fact, someone did. … Continue reading

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Ferko. poem by Gabriele Tinti. translation by David Graham

Ferko is the diminutive of František, a Slovak Rom singer who, along with his sister, was born with a terrible genetic disease: osteogenesis imperfecta. It is a disease that made … Continue reading

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